Thursday, June 07, 2007

Google and Iranian professionals

Mr.Chavez, from the policy council of Google, has recently announced that American foreing immigrant workes play a vital role in their company.In particular, employees who are holders of H-1B visas -Work Visa- have helped lead the development of Google News and orkut. Immigrants from countries like Canada, Iran, and Switzerland now lead our business operations, global marketing, global business development, and data infrastructure operations. Without these talented employees and many others, Google would not be where it is today. Derived from official Google Blog.


Monday, June 04, 2007

Open Access in IRAN ( 2 )

I wrote in my previous post that Open Access isn`t popular in Iran and academics don`t have tendancy to publish their articles in open access journals. The question is why ?
my response to this question is:
1- This movement and its goals and benefits is unknown in Iran yet.
2- The open access journals don`t developed as wish .
3- most of this kind of journals don`t get scientific credit ( That `s important factor ) from their science society then their authors also can`t get awards or privileges that others get from their article publishing in non open access scientific journals because The later one is supported with academics and core scientists.
4- authors generally concern about the copy right of their works.
5- and the authors get money ( what so ever little ) from the scientific journals for publishing their articles but open access journals generally don`t give any money to authors.
I `ll write more about this subject in my next posts............


Sunday, June 03, 2007

Publishing researches under unique name

As researchers in the Science ministry and Ministry of Health used to publish their research under two separate names ( e.g. University of Tehran, Tehran University of Medical Sciences) ,this lead to decline Iran’s rank in research compared with another country.
Based on agreement between University of Tehran and Tehran University of Medical Science, researchers in TUMS must publish their articles under the unique name. “Medical Sciences/ University of Tehran”. Following this rule will upgrade UT’s rank in the Web of Science and another scientific databases.

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