Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The first post in new blog

Hi every body.
I am very happy to contribute in this weblog. I have choice to communicate and distribute and improve my knowledge and expriences. thanks Mrs. Karami for this choice.
As you know we have group weblog in persian languge and now we would like to create an english version in order to communicate to people who can not read persian. I as one member of grouping weblog will try to reflect every subject which I post in persian version and I hope we can familiar other people to Iranian library and librarianship and reflect every events in this matter.
P.S: Mrs. Karami i dont know how to link in blogger and I dont know how to assign subject to my post (if possible, i dont know???)


At 5/22/2007 5:03 PM, Anonymous ghazaleh said...


thank you and the other friends for craete English Weblog about LIBRARY & LIBRARAINSHIP & INFORMATION SCIENCE...

I Wish that you will be Success .



At 5/23/2007 9:03 AM, Anonymous Tahereh said...

Dear Maryam
u can use shortcuts under the post Box or click on the " more" in there, then u can use the Blogger help by title" Can I use keyboard shortcuts while posting?" at :http://help.blogger.com/bin/answer.py?answer=42197


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