Friday, July 20, 2007

Ilisa first workshop:DONE!

The workshop "innovation for librarians" was held on July 19th 2007 in The documentation center of NLI. Gathering many librarians from different organizations, libraries and even various cities made the workshop more attractive. We introduce a new group entitled "Shakhka" which refere to the group of those "desperado"s who have dedicated their life to the Iranian Librarian Association!! It's a kind of joke but the main idea is adorable as the aboved dedicated persons,only think about ILISA and it's improve.
Anyway, the workshop had two part, in the theoretic part we learned about innovations and different techniques emphasizing on vision and thinking. We have to respect to our mind as a pioneer factory of creation.
The rest, was about team working, using the mentioned techniques to solve hypothetical problems faced library sciences in Iran. Actually, we are supposed to use this in a near future too. I hope our innovative minds not be diminish within daily problems in our society. This workshop was a magnificent remind for all of us that the hope makes human future and while there is a hope, there is a way.
Indeed, The main report has been written in Farsi and can be found in here.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Outdated Virtual Ehsan Real blog

Toady nearly to 2 months that I could not update my blog because of a terrible accident occurred for me. Wednesday 23rd may a motorcycle with high speed crashed to my body and I was thrown 50 meters to sidewalk. This bad accident caused to break my main leg bone. Any way in a surgical operation, an expert orthopedics team from Sina hospital inserts platinum in my broken bone. During these days I have not connected to internet intentionally that I published a post entitled “living with out internet”.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

three upcoming seminars in Medical library & information science in current year

Wow! this year going to be a the year of seminars & congresses in medical library science in different places in Iran. isn't it fabulous to see this kind of academic movements happen so quickly into our field? One of this congresses will be held in Isfahan with the title: The 1st National Congress of Scientometrics in Medical Sciences from 2008 Mar 05 to 2008 Mar 06. The other one will be in Kerman, as a 2nd medical library science students seminar , and the third one will be in Tehran as : 2nd medical library & information sciences in Shahid Behesti University, paramedical school.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Open Access in IRAN ( 3 )

First I should notify that we have good iranian open access journals especially in english language like webology but i repeat again that open access movement and its goals isn`t showed and introduced clearly to the members of Iranian scientific socity.
what we ( Iranian Information Specialists ) can do to promote this movemement ?
In the world, this movemnt have a loud voice that is spred through various media. for example, this movement have one exclusive TV channel in Hotbird and many specialized serials and journals that publishing hot and scientific articles about this.
I think we i.e Iranian Information Specialists should:
1- write more and more about this movement in our public and specialized serials and journals.
2- stand up specialized seminars about this hot topic in our universities and other scientific centers.
3- criticize this movement with scientific language and show its real benifits and privileges .
4- write in our weblogs and websites about it.
5- help to establish more and more open access journals.

however we can do more ..............
you can help me and complete above list ..........


Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Iranian LIS association has arranged some workshop regarding to Iranian LIS professionals enhancing their abilities and helping them in their information needs. The upcoming workshop is about "Innovation for LIS professionals" which will be on July 19th. The venue is Iranian National Library. I am going to send the abstract in the neat future.
You can check the Ilisa website for more information.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

what is difference between "free access" and "open access"?

I wrote following text to complete Mr Zerehsaz's posts.
There seems to be a general misunderstanding that the aim of the Open Access movement is to make the scientific research literature free online. But there is a difference between "free access" and "open access".
This distinction was part of what motivated the Bethesda definition of Open Access Principles that we published in the first issue of Open Access Now (July 14, 2003). That definition clearly states that access to the information should be free, but in addition the work should be open to re-use and redistribution, and that it should be deposited immediately upon publication in a public online repository (such as Pub Med Central).
Publishers who offer free online access on their own websites still have a long way to go before their research articles can be considered Open Access. The benefits and promise of Open Access will only be realized when this distinction is clear in the minds of authors and publishers. Only then can the literature move from being ‘free’ to being truly ‘open’.


Monday, July 02, 2007

welcome to your home

Dear Librarians, Hi, This is my first post in this blog as weblog manager, but i think i am not manager, perhaps i am one of contributors in this blog. Well I am very appreciating all librarians who helped me in this blog. I am so sorry for my terrible English writing, but I think we must say our ideas to the world with the international language, so I invite all Iranian Librarian Bloggers to incorporate with us and every body will be welcome. First I ashamed to witting English but one of my best friends give me a comment, he said:

Ur new movement to broadcast Iranian librarian viewpoints made participants so happy. I believe u can enrich the English pages as u did in Persian ones. So do not pay attention to the style and grammar u use in writing. The most important factor is communication.

And I decided to write.And you... welcome to your home!!

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