Saturday, July 07, 2007

Open Access in IRAN ( 3 )

First I should notify that we have good iranian open access journals especially in english language like webology but i repeat again that open access movement and its goals isn`t showed and introduced clearly to the members of Iranian scientific socity.
what we ( Iranian Information Specialists ) can do to promote this movemement ?
In the world, this movemnt have a loud voice that is spred through various media. for example, this movement have one exclusive TV channel in Hotbird and many specialized serials and journals that publishing hot and scientific articles about this.
I think we i.e Iranian Information Specialists should:
1- write more and more about this movement in our public and specialized serials and journals.
2- stand up specialized seminars about this hot topic in our universities and other scientific centers.
3- criticize this movement with scientific language and show its real benifits and privileges .
4- write in our weblogs and websites about it.
5- help to establish more and more open access journals.

however we can do more ..............
you can help me and complete above list ..........



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