Thursday, May 31, 2007

ILISA upcoming session

Recieving the Award (2005) of the Eugene Garfield Doctoral Dissertation Scholarship,Kayvan Kousha has compeleted the Tehran university Ph.D. program about a months ago.Now ILISA (Iranian Library and Information Sciences Association) is going to have him as a next lecturer for the next monthly session in the National Library of Iran.The session will be about "A Comparison between ISI and Web-Extracted Citations: Application of Webometrics for Studying Formal and Informal Scholarly Communications" and it will be on June 21th.
About ILISA:It's really interesting for me myself as the Iranian thesis are going to be more qualitative and ILISA is going to focus more on methodology which is the essential key for research.Iran scientific improvement has changed a lot during the recent decades but the it's qualitative improvement is remarkable as we go on within last years.

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