Saturday, May 26, 2007

Medical Information Literacy Workshop

Wendsday and thursday of last week, Medical information literacy workshop was held at IRANDOC. This workshop was especial for medical and health librarians, medical students and health science academic staff. This workshop was run by Dr. Mansourian who has PHD degree from Sheffield University.
Subjects of this workshop are:
  • Definition of informaion literacy based on literature review and introducing different aspects of it.

  • How to determine informaiton needs and define its importance.

  • How to have effective access to information resources.

  • Educating necessity skills for critical evaluation of information resources and their citations.

  • Educating Skills of making links between information based on selected sources and previous knowledge.

  • How to used thre retrived information to achive a goal.
  • Awareness of legal, economical and social characteristics about use and acess to information (like copy right, citation and so on).
  • Practical experiments for retrieval and evaluation of medical sources in the World Wide Web.
  • Brief introduction to invisible web in order to improve information accessibility in web environment.

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