Thursday, May 31, 2007

ILISA upcoming session

Recieving the Award (2005) of the Eugene Garfield Doctoral Dissertation Scholarship,Kayvan Kousha has compeleted the Tehran university Ph.D. program about a months ago.Now ILISA (Iranian Library and Information Sciences Association) is going to have him as a next lecturer for the next monthly session in the National Library of Iran.The session will be about "A Comparison between ISI and Web-Extracted Citations: Application of Webometrics for Studying Formal and Informal Scholarly Communications" and it will be on June 21th.
About ILISA:It's really interesting for me myself as the Iranian thesis are going to be more qualitative and ILISA is going to focus more on methodology which is the essential key for research.Iran scientific improvement has changed a lot during the recent decades but the it's qualitative improvement is remarkable as we go on within last years.

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"Iranian studies" , LISDIRAN

I'm going to represent two different parts in this post, at first, I'm sure you know Wikipedia, a multilingual, web based & free encyclopedia on the web. yes you do. well, yesterday I was looking through this source & got so many information or better to say, entries, about our country in the field of Literature, books, publishing & all subjects which covers Iran & Iranian culture. there is an article entitled" Iranian Studies" I should say that's so marvelous & informative one in this category. please take a look at it, so many links & information.

secondly, could you believe that in Iran, we have 135 weblogs in our profession? as cited here .
and if you looking for a directory, just take a look at Library and Information Science Directory of Iran (LISDIRAN)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Open Access in IRAN

I`d like to write in this weblog more about open access especially OA in IRAN. Open access is a new movement but not new idea or new goal. Human beings fight for freedom over their past history and always fight for remove the barriers and restrictions against the access to science and scientific outputs. This movement orginated from this old holy goal ....................
But in IRAN , Open Access is n`t popular especially among the academics and the members of science society .........
I`ll try to write about the reasons of this and other aspects of open access movement in IRAN in my next posts ................


Monday, May 28, 2007

Webology Journal

webology is one of those open access journals which publishes in Iran in the context of the World Wide Web & new information technologies. Its publication is started from August 2004 till now & the important point about this Journal, it is a peer-reviewed journal in this field.
I wrote this because there's no more excuse for us as professional librarians to be away from knowledge & being knowledgable.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Medical Information Literacy Workshop

Wendsday and thursday of last week, Medical information literacy workshop was held at IRANDOC. This workshop was especial for medical and health librarians, medical students and health science academic staff. This workshop was run by Dr. Mansourian who has PHD degree from Sheffield University.
Subjects of this workshop are:
  • Definition of informaion literacy based on literature review and introducing different aspects of it.

  • How to determine informaiton needs and define its importance.

  • How to have effective access to information resources.

  • Educating necessity skills for critical evaluation of information resources and their citations.

  • Educating Skills of making links between information based on selected sources and previous knowledge.

  • How to used thre retrived information to achive a goal.
  • Awareness of legal, economical and social characteristics about use and acess to information (like copy right, citation and so on).
  • Practical experiments for retrieval and evaluation of medical sources in the World Wide Web.
  • Brief introduction to invisible web in order to improve information accessibility in web environment.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Encyclopaedia of Library and Information Sciences in Persian

It's a great news that the second volume of Encyclopaedia of Library and Information Sciences in Persian is published by National Library of Iran. The first volume was published in late 2002. Research efforts and editorial work for the compilation of this encyclopedia is really remarkable.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hit the road!

It's really interesting for me that our challenges about writing in nowadays scientific language,English,has been ended up with something special that makes our active Iranian Bloggers to shake hands with the world!
As a first post, I would like to write about an Iranian-American Librarian.Honestly,I really do not sure whether she is exactly a famous Iranian librarian in United States or not but at least her Persian name has fooled me "Sara Jaffarian".
There is an award for Exemplary Humanities Programs specially for schools which named Sara Jaffarian that shows her outstanding activities in ALA.It's a cash award of $4,000!It's really nice if Sara will be aware of our activities in Iran,ain't it?Oh,by the way,here's the link.
P.S: Making this weblog as active as the Farsi version,the next step is introducing that to the world,at least other hit the road.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The first post in new blog

Hi every body.
I am very happy to contribute in this weblog. I have choice to communicate and distribute and improve my knowledge and expriences. thanks Mrs. Karami for this choice.
As you know we have group weblog in persian languge and now we would like to create an english version in order to communicate to people who can not read persian. I as one member of grouping weblog will try to reflect every subject which I post in persian version and I hope we can familiar other people to Iranian library and librarianship and reflect every events in this matter.
P.S: Mrs. Karami i dont know how to link in blogger and I dont know how to assign subject to my post (if possible, i dont know???)

Monday, May 21, 2007

my first post

I`m verey happy to be again with my old friends in this new weblog. I think we should be different in this new environment. I say Thanks to Mrs Karami for giving this novel opportunity to Iranian librarian bloggers. we should exercise to write and discuss with the international language i.e. English. Then we should introduce our native scientific activities to others that don`t familiar with Persian Language.
Please participate in this weblog discussions actively.